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Create Interactive Map Solutions with MapsAlive

Using Interactive Presentations in the Courtroom

Interactive maps can significantly increase the effectiveness of courtroom presentations. Legal and law enforcement professionals can quickly re-create crime scenes, show photos of evidence and victims, and present interactive diagrams and other legal exhibits. Interactive presentations offer greater control over trial exhibits and can adapt quickly to changing courtroom or conference proceedings. With the popularity of TV shows like CSI, people expect a high level of interactivity and technology in visual presentations. With interactive maps created with MapsAlive the jury virtually visits the crime scene.

New York Police Get Conviction with the Aid of MapsAlive Interactive Maps

The New York Police and the Bronx District Attorney used MapsAlive to create and present an interactive crime scene during a murder trial. With MapsAlive, detectives were able to display photographs of the evidence and use neighborhood maps and interactive floor plans to effectively show the crime scene and locations where evidence was found. The courtroom presentation allowed the judge and jury to easily and logically see where and how the crime took place. As a result, the jury returned a conviction in less than an hour.

Using interactive map software eliminates the time and expense of creating traditional exhibits such as poster-sized photo enlargements, and avoids searching for the right exhibit during a trial or hearing.

Helpful features like zoom and pan controls allow viewers to see specific locations on large area and neighborhood maps. Related evidence or events, such as the location of all fingerprints found, can be highlighted together and displayed by moving the computer's mouse over the map.

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