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Why Interactive Floor Plans Are So Effective

Two of the most popular ways to show off real estate are videos and virtual tours. But did you know that interactive floor plans are more effective and a better value for your money? I’ll tell you why.

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Today’s Online Buyers Spend Just Seconds Looking at Listings

Think for a moment about how you use the internet today. If you are like most people, you spend seconds, not minutes, evaluating anything you see online before deciding to look more or move on to another site. Home buyers are no different when looking for a property. They want to know at a glance if a particular listing warrants their attention. If they have to sit through a video or virtual tour for every listing on your site, they are going to go to one of your competitors. But if your site has interactive floor plans, they’ll stay longer and keep looking at what you have to offer.

Interactive Floor Plans Show the Entire Home at a Glance

Interactive floor plans are effective because they allow viewers to immediately see the entire property – how the rooms are laid out, how big they are, and where windows and doors are located – and also zoom in on what’s important to them. For one buyer it might be the kitchen, for another it’s the bathrooms, or a workshop. Move your mouse over the kitchen to see a photo and read that the counter tops are granite and the cabinets are cherry. You can’t do that with video or virtual tours.

Videos and Virtual Tours are Sequential, Don’t Work in Small Spaces

The very nature of videos and virtual tours is that they are sequential. You have to sit through them until you see what interests you. And it’s hard to go back to a point in the movie that you want to see again. But with an interactive floor plan you can go where you want with a flick of your mouse.

And neither video nor virtual tours work well in small spaces like a powder room or walk-in closet. There just isn’t enough room to move a camcorder around, but a still camera with a wide angle lens will do the job nicely.

You Can Create a High Quality Interactive Floor Plan Yourself for Under $30

Quality is another factor to consider when choosing one of these multimedia marketing tools. Anyone who has ever taken a home video can tell you how easy it is to make a bad video and how hard it is to make a good one. The camera shakes, the sound is poor, focus is bad and the lighting is too dark or too bright. While not everyone is Ansel Adams with a still camera, most of us can take a descent still photo with a good quality point and shoot model. And that’s all you need to create an interactive floor plan whereas good video and virtual tours require a lot of special equipment to produce professional results.
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