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Frequently Asked Questions
What do I get for my money?
An affordable way to get interactive maps without paying a web developer to create and maintain them for you.
The money you save will far exceed the cost of your plan. Not convinced? Get an estimate for how much it will cost to have someone create an interactive map, floor plan, or photo gallery for you and how much it will cost for updates. By choosing MapsAlive, you'll pay less and get more. If you are a web developer, MapsAlive gives you a way to generate extra income by letting you offer a high value service that takes very little time to provide. Learn more.

Is web hosting included in the price?
Yes. Every interactive map, floor plan, or photo gallery in your MapsAlive account is hosted on our server at no extra cost. You can also host your tours on your own web server, but using ours saves you disk space and bandwidth.

Is the 30 day free trial full featured?
Yes. When you sign up for the 30 day free trial you get all the features of the Pro plan except Download and Archive. Maps created with the trial display Created with MapsAlive Trial at the bottom — this message is removed with all paid plans. When you purchase a plan you can continue to work with all the interactive maps you created with the free trial.

What is a hotspot?
A hotspot is what you mouse over or click on an interactive map to display photos, text, or video. Each location on a map that responds to the mouse counts as one hotspot. Choose a plan that has enough hotspots to meet your needs. The number of hotspots in your plan is the total number of hotspots you can use across all your maps.

How many hotspots do I need?
Choose a plan that has enough hotspots for all the maps you plan to create. The number of hotspots in a plan is the total number of hotspots available for all your maps — you can allocate your hotspots among all your maps any way you want. For example, if you purchase a Pro plan with 300 hotspots you could create three maps with 100 hotspots each, ten maps with 30 hotspots each, or any other combination so long as the total does not exceed 300 hotspots. You can also purchase additional hotspots at any time.

Can I reuse my hotspots?
Yes, you can delete hotspots or tours that you no longer need from your account and free them up for new tours. If you have a Pro plan you can also use the Archive feature. If you can host your tours on your own server you can archive tours you are not actively working on, delete them from your account, and free up hotspots.

What is a tour?
A tour is a MapsAlive project containing one or more maps with hotspots. Each tour has its own URL on mapsalive.com. You create tours with the MapsAlive Tour Builder.

Can I change plans at any time?
Yes. You can switch to a plan with more hotspots whenever you want to. The cost is the difference in price between your old plan and the new plan minus a discount for time already used on your old plan.

What happens when my plan expires?
You can renew your current plan or change to another. If you let your plan expire, you will no longer have access to the Tour Builder and your tours will no longer be hosted on mapsalive.com. However, any tours you previously downloaded and are hosted on your own server will still work.

What about educational and non-profit discounts and purchase orders?
Educational and non-profit organizations can receive a 50% discount on Plus and Pro Plans. Learn how to qualify.

Purchase orders are accepted for orders of $199 or more. Contact us for details.

Have more questions? See our Pricing FAQ.