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Questions and Answers About Interactive Maps and Floor Plans

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Which browsers does MapsAlive support?
How much does it cost?
What is MapsAlive?
Can I use MapsAlive to build a web site that is not a Tour?
Why do I have to sign up to begin using MapsAlive?
Do you sell personal information to other companies?
Do I need any web design experience to create a MapsAlive Tour?
Do I have to download any software to use MapsAlive?
Will my tour have its own web address (URL)?
Can I use my own URL for my tour?
Can I still access my tours if MapsAlive is down for maintenance?
What image format can I use for photos and maps?
How do I size my maps and photos so they fit in the space available in my tour?
How is MapsAlive different from Google Maps?
Will MapsAlive work on a touch screen?
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