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Questions and Answers About Interactive Maps and Floor Plans

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Where are tours hosted?
Can I download my tour to my computer and have another server host it?
How long does it take to create a tour?
What is a MapsAlive tour?
Why is a MapsAlive tour better than other virtual tours?
What is a MapsAlive map?
What is a MapsAlive hotspot?
What kinds of content can I display in my MapsAlive tours?
Can I display video?
How many maps can I have in my tour?
How many hotspots can I have in my tour?
How do I know what size to make my tour?
What is the maximum map size?
Can anyone else edit my tour?
How long will my tour be hosted on the web?
Can I change my tour once I’ve published it?
Where do the images for my tour come from?
Can I reuse my tours and hotspots?
Can I import my tour data to save time?
Can I display multiple images for the same hotspot?
Can I integrate MapsAlive with my database?
What are the Hotspot Macros?
Where are MapsAlive galleries hosted?
Do data sheets count as hotspots?
Can I use a PDF file for my map?
Can I add my map to my WordPress page?
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