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Questions and Answers About Interactive Maps and Floor Plans

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Why does the text look different when I embed my tour into my web page?
Why do I see funny characters in my text?
Why doesn't my hotspot content appear when viewing my tour in Firefox?
Save Failed
Why doesn't my embedded video display?
Why don't my popups display when I mouse over their markers?
Why does the quality of my map image degrade sometimes after I upload it?
Pinnable control panel is not attached to fixed popup
Popups are displaying too small
Marker style with blend mode does not look right in Firefox
Polygon shape is not completely filled with marker style color
Marker is invisible or displays as a red rectangle
Text not centered in text marker.
Map takes a long time to load in browser.
Text does not display in popup in IE browser
Sound doesn't play when tour embedded in a web page
Can't mouse onto popup using Safari on the Mac
IE9 doesn't work quite right with a few MapsAlive features.
The image loading progress bar doesn't go away on mobile devices.
Directory does not scroll on Android browsers, which means entries at the end are not visible.
Shape markers don't display correctly on Android 4.0.x default browser
Browser or map appears to hang when running a tour or Flash crashes.
Tour download zip file is huge or contains extra files
Live Data request returns 0 or Access Denied
Popups do not display or stop displaying in Google Chrome browser
Shape markers shift on mouseover in IE9 and IE10
Attempting to edit a hotspot causes "Your connection to the MapsAlive Server seems to have dropped." message.
Why is my map image tiled incorrectly in Google Chrome?
Why doesn't my map image display on my iPad, iPhone, or iPad?
Hotspots may not respond to mouse on a touchscreen computer
Glow and shadow effects do not work correctly on Firefox
Why do my marker backgrounds turn black on IOS browsers?
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