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Archive is like backup and restore for interactive maps and floor plans

The archive feature lets you export a tour to a file that you can store on your computer. You can then delete that tour from your account and free up the hotspots it was using. If you need to edit the tour again, you can import the archive back into your account.
Archive your interactive maps to create a backup
You export an archived tour from your MapsAlive account as a zip file and store it on your computer or other media. To edit the tour again, import the archive file back into your account.

Use the diagram below to help decide if archive is a good option for you.

Save money by purchasing fewer hotspots

If you host your interactive maps on your own web server, you can save money by archiving tours that you are not actively working on, and then deleting those tours from your account. Deleting a tour frees up all the hotspots it was using so that you can create new tours without having to buy more hotspots. If you need to work again on a deleted tour, simply import its archive back into your account. Note that you can import an archived tour with all plans, but exporting an archive is only available with the Pro Plan.

Backup your tours

You can also use archive as a way to backup a tour before you delete it. For example, a realtor might want to backup the interactive floor plan for a house that recently sold, just in case the sale falls through and the house goes back on the market.
Can I archive my interactive floor plans and maps?
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