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Play MP3 audio from your interactive maps

Move your mouse over the markers on the map below to see and hear the different ways you can use sound on an interactive map. You can make sounds play, or stop playing, when the mouse moves over or off of a marker, or clicks a marker.
MapsAlive lets you play MP3 audio using SoundManager 2 from Scott Schiller. SoundManager is a JavaScript library that utilizes Flash to play sounds.

The MapsAlive JavaScript API serves as a wrapper around SoundManager to make it as easy as possible for you to play sounds from your interactive maps. You play a sound by calling the playSound function and stop a sound by calling the stopSound function. You can put these calls in your hotspot handlers for mouse over, mouse out, and click. You can also use the Custom HTML feature to play a sound when your tour first loads.

Thank you to Mike Koenig who recorded some of the sounds used in this sample.

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