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Create Interactive Map Solutions with MapsAlive

Assign hotspots to categories and help users find locations on interactive maps

Define your own categories and assign hotspots to one or more categories like restaurants, lodging, attractions and services, or types of retail stores and then group them category in the directory.

Find locations by category on interactive maps By default, categories are shown alphabetically in the directory, but you have full control over the order that they appear so can show more important or frequently visited categories near the top and less used categories near the bottom.

You can also use categories to override the size of a hotspot image in a popup. This special kind of category is useful when you have varying sizes of hotspot images, but you want all your popups to be the same size.

If you manage your content with an Excel spreadsheet, CSV, or XML file you can add categories to your import file to automatically assign hotspots to one or more categories when you import your data. And, if you are writing your own HTML you can use the JavaScript API to get a list of hotspots that belong to one or more categories. This is useful for creating a map legend or other control for your web page.
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