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Create Interactive Map Solutions with MapsAlive

Display information related to your interactive map or floor plan on a separate page in your tour

You can display text and photos on a separate page in your tour to provide more information without having to upload a map and add hotspots. Data sheets do not have maps or hotspots so you just add data such as contact and company information, specifications, directions to your business, or real estate listing data.

You can choose a layout for your data sheets just like you do for interactive maps and your data sheets can appear in your tour menu and your directory. You can add more than one data sheet to include different kinds of information.

Example - The tour on the left has two data sheets and one interactive map.

The Wickenburg Area data sheet presents a photo of the area and some basic information. The Listing Information data sheet provides helpful data about the house for sale. The Floor Plan is an interactive map that displays photos and text when you mouse over the arrow markers.
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