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Add a searchable directory to your interactive maps!

With the Plus and Pro plans you can automatically add a searchable, categorized directory to your interactive maps with no programming! The directory makes it easy to find locations on your map.

The directory includes an entry for each hotspot on your map. When you click an entry in the directory MapsAlive automatically positions the map to that location, displays the content for the hotspot, and blinks its marker. The directory can be grouped by category or by map. You can specify the size and location of the directory, and customize the colors, text strings and other options to match your web page.
An interactive map can include a searchable, categorized directory

Directory Search

The directory can include a search box that lets the viewer search for text strings in hotspot titles and text. The results are filtered automatically as you type in the box.


You can define your own categories and assign hotspots to one or more categories like restaurants, lodging, attractions and services, or types of retail stores as in the example on the left. Your hotspots can then be grouped by category in the directory.

For instructions on how to show the directory and add categories see the How To FAQ.
Mini FAQ
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How do I turn off the directory?
How do I exclude a hotspot from the directory?
How do I control the position of the directory in my tour?
How do change the directory colors?
How do I turn off the directory search box?
How do I add a new category?
How do I assign a category to a hotspot?
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