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Create Interactive Map Solutions with MapsAlive

The download feature lets you host interactive maps on your web server or computer

The interactive maps you create with MapsAlive are automatically hosted by MapsAlive, but you can host them yourself if you like. You can download them to your computer and then either run them on your computer or upload them to your web server.

Download is an optional feature — you do not have to download your interactive maps.

What is Downloading?

Downloading simply means copying your interactive map files from the MapsAlive server to your computer. You can run the interactive maps you download, but you cannot change them. You make changes by logging into your MapsAlive account and using the Tour Builder. If you let your account expire, you can still use the interactive maps you downloaded, you just won't be able to change them.

Reasons to Host On Your Web Server

One reason to host your interactive maps yourself is so that you can tell people about them using your own URL. While we like the URL tour.mapsalive.com, you probably like your domain name better. Another reason is policy — some companies require that all of their web content be hosted on their server. Another reason is privacy. If you want to restrict who can see an interactive map, you'll need to host it yourself and mark it as private in the Tour Builder.

Running Interactive Maps On a Laptop

Interactive maps can run on a laptop or any PC or Mac for that matter. All you need is a web browser, but you don't need an internet connection. By downloading to a laptop, you can take your interactive maps on the road or into places like a conference room where an internet connection might not be available.
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