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Create Interactive Map Solutions with MapsAlive

Put interactive maps and floor plans right inside your web pages

Embedding an interactive map into your own web pages is easy. We give you the code so that all you have to do is copy and paste.
Direct Embeding — The interactive mall map above is embedded directly into this web page using four lines of HTML. Move your mouse over the stores, parking lot indicators, and other symbols.
Notice how the mall floor plan at left blends seamlessly with this web page.

When you mouse over the stores, a large photo appears on top of this web page. Other interactive maps can only display small photos and text within the map rectangle.

Once your map is embedded into a web page, you never need to edit the page again. Whenever you make changes to the map, they appear on the web page instantly and automatically.
Embedding using an IFrame — The interactive floor plan above is embedded into this web page using an Iframe. Mouse over the blue arrows to see photos. Click the yellow feet on the staircase to go upstairs.
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How do I embed an interactive map into a web page?
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