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Export data from your interactive map to easily update content in bulk

You can export hotspot content, options, and actions from your interactive maps to a CSV or XML file. You can edit CSV using Microsoft Excel to easily make changes to your data. Then you can import the file back into MapsAlive to update your hotspots in one step.
Export hotspot content from interactive maps
There are several reasons why you might want to export your map's hotspot content:
  • You added your hotspot content manually, but now that you have a lot of data you want an easier and faster way to maintain it. You can export your data, make updates to it in a spreadsheet, and re-import it into your tour.
  • You want to quickly change one or more pieces of data for your hotspots such as titles, text, tooltips, or click actions. Exporting the data, making the changes, and importing it back is faster than manually changing every hotspot.
  • You want to export the data so you can use it for another application or to give it to another MapsAlive user.
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How do I export hotspot content for my tour?
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