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Create Interactive Map Solutions with MapsAlive

Create interactive web galleries of photos and artwork

The MapsAlive gallery feature lets you quickly create an interactive grid of photos, drawings, or artwork. When you add images to a gallery, MapsAlive automatically creates thumbnails from each image and places them on a background. When you mouse over the thumbnail, a larger image displays. You can customize the look of the thumbnails and backgrounds.
Embed a gallery in a web page — The interactive gallery above is embedded directly into this web page. That's not something you can do with most other web galleries.

Original paintings courtesy of Canadian artist Sandy Hucman. You can contact Sandy at hucmanartworks@shaw.ca.

How a gallery is different from an interactive map

A MapsAlive interactive gallery has all the power and features of a map, but the markers are arranged automatically for you in a grid. Whenever you add or remove a hotspot from the interactive gallery, MapsAlive automatically adds it to or removes it from the grid.

MapsAlive galleries compared to other web galleries

Most web galleries let you click a thumbnail to display an image, but that's about it. A MapsAlive gallery is interactive and virtually every feature of MapsAlive is available. For example, you can use photo markers and marker styles to control the appearance, special effects, and behavior of the thumbnails. You can display your photos or artwork in popups or tiled layouts. The images that appear when you mouse over a thumbnail can also include formatted text with hyperlinks. You can even add mouse actions that execute when you mouse over or click a thumbnail.

See a web site that uses galleries:

A powerful tool for web designers and developers

Clients often ask for interactive web gallery features that go beyond simply displaying a grid of thumbnails. But writing the JavaScript or Flash code to make it happen can be too costly. In many cases, a MapsAlive gallery will let you get the job done quickly and easily.

Easy content management

You replace images and text content in a MapsAlive gallery just like you do with a map. Use the Tour Builder to upload a new photo or edit some text (or import from files), then publish the tour and your gallery updates are on the internet instantly.
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