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Create Interactive Map Solutions with MapsAlive

Create interactive maps using data that you already have

Interactive maps display content, such as text and photos, that you provide to MapsAlive. You can enter your content manually using your keyboard, import it from files, or even get it from your server. Which content management method you use depends on how much data you have and where it resides.

Import hotspot content for interactive maps

Importing Hotspot Content from a File

If your data is in a spreadsheet or XML file you can import it into MapsAlive to automatically create hotspots with content. MapsAlive can import hotspot content from Excel, CSV, and XML formats. You can import data once to get it into MapsAlive and import it again whenever the data changes (if your data changes frequently, you can have your interactive map fetch it from your server in real time using the Live Data feature).

Importing Hotspot Options and Actions

Hotspot content isn't the only thing you can import. You can also import hotspot attributes like categories, hotspot appearances, and mouse actions to control what happens when the mouse moves over or clicks a hotspot. This lets you not only get your data into MapsAlive, but also set many of the hotspot options and actions automatically.

Import Macros and Templates

MapsAlive provides powerful macro and template features that can pre-process and transform data as it is being imported. These features allow you to convert raw data into a form that is most suitable for presentation by your interactive maps. For example, you can define a template that formats your sales office name and address data so they all display consistently.

You can also upload photos and images in one step by combining them in a zip file.
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