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Import HTML image maps to create shape markers for interactive map hotspots

You can import HTML image map coordinates to define complex shapes like country outlines, room or building footprints, or shapes on a diagram. The coordinates that MapsAlive requires are the very same ones that browsers use to render what's know as an HTML image map. There are lots of programs that will create shape coordinates for you and let you save them to a file. There are very powerful programs like Adobe Illustrator and simple, inexpensive utilities like Mapedit (only $15). Other tools that can create shape coordinates are CorelDRAW, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Image Ready, and Paint Shop Pro to name a few.
Import HTML image maps for interactive maps
Choose your favorite program to draw or trace shapes and save them in a text file as an HTML image map. Import the the file into MapsAlive and it automatically creates shape markers and places them on your interactive map.

When you import your shape coordinates you can choose a marker style. With marker styles you can create shape markers that have a solid color or are semi-transparent, letting you see through the shape to the map image beneath. You can even create invisible shape markers. A common technique is to make a shape's normal appearance invisible and its selected appearance visible so that the shape “lights up” when you move your mouse over it.

You can use your drawing program to make changes to existing shapes, or add additional shapes, and then re-import the HTML image map file and MapsAlive will update existing markers and add new ones.
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