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Create Interactive Map Solutions with MapsAlive

Add routes to interactive maps and floor plans to show paths between hotspots

Importing interactive map routes from a spreadsheet
Spreadsheet used to import routes. To learn more, see the MapsAlive User Guide for Drawing Routes.

Drawing Routes

Routes are lines drawn on an interactive map or floor plan to show a path between two points. MapsAlive routes are drawn in a connect-the-dots fashion. For simple routes, you can provide a list of Ids for the hotspots that the route travels through, but when you have dozens or hundreds of routes, importing from a file is the way to go.

Importing Routes from a Spreadsheet

You import routes from an Excel spreadsheet (or CSV file) containing rows that define routes and segments. The spreadsheet specifies which markers belong to which routes. You identify markers using their Hotspot Id. The Routes spreadsheet contains one row for each route you want to draw.

Defining Segments

Routes that travel over part of the same path as other routes can make use of segments to avoid duplication of data and make maintenance easier. You can define a segment and then include its Id as part of another route. In a large building there are often primary and secondary corridors that almost everyone walks through to get from point A to point B. These corridors can be defined as segments so that each unique route does not have to specify the corridor markers over and over again.


You can draw a route that has non-contiguous sections by separating the hotspot Ids with semi-colons. This tells MapsAlive to pick up the "pen" and move it to the next coordinate before continuing to draw. For example, if you want to draw a route that stops at the edge of a river and then starts again on the other side, you can define the points for each section of the route and put a gap between the two sections.

Drawing Routes

You draw a route by calling the drawRoute function of the JavaScript API and passing the route's Id from the spreadsheet. You can test your routes right from the Tour Builder by selecting them from a dropdown list. You can fine tune a route by dragging its markers and seeing the route change at the same time.
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