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Create Interactive Map Solutions with MapsAlive

Use JavaScript to communicate with your interactive maps

The MapsAlive JavaScript API (Application Programming Interface) lets you:
  • Change and restore the appearance of a hotspot marker
  • Close a popup
  • Draw a route
  • Flush the Live Data cache
  • Get the current hotspot
  • Get the current map
  • Get all the hotspots that have a specified category
  • Handle a mouse click in the directory
  • Execute code when the selected hotspot changes
  • Execute code when the map loads
  • Play sounds
  • Position a zoomed-in map to bring a hotspot into view
  • Zoom the map in or out
  • Make a marker blink
  • Disable or enable a marker
  • Hide or show a marker
  • Make a marker static
  • Change a marker's stacking order
  • Change the tour title text.
  • Make a hotspot become selected

The API is fully documented in the MapsAlive User Guide for the JavaScript API.

See samples of the JavaScript API in action:
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