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Create Interactive Map Solutions with MapsAlive

Customize your interactive map size and layout and add optional tour elements

Interactive floor plans showing different layouts

Map Layouts

  • Arrange your map, photos, text and video in any layout.
  • Choose from dozens of layouts.
  • Set the size of your tour and the map, photo and text areas.
  • Set margins and spacing.
  • Switch between layouts with one click.
  • Create data sheets that just display photos and text.

Auto Layout

  • MapsAlive can automatically choose the best layout based on the size and shape of your map and photos.
  • Fine tune layout settings manually.

Show photos and text in different layouts

  • Display content alongside your map or...
  • Popup content on top of the map.

Easily add optional tour elements

  • Title Bar
  • Menu bar on top or left to navigate multi-map tours
  • Directory (Plus and Pro Plans)
  • Banner (Plus and Pro Plans)
  • Footer (Plus and Pro Plans)
Mini FAQ
How do I know what size to make my tour?
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How do I change the layout for my map?
How do I set my map margins and spacing?
How do I change my popup margins and spacing?
How do I turn off the Title Bar in my tour?
How do I turn off the header and footer stripes in my tour?
How do I hide the Menu in my tour?
How do I add my own tour footer?
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