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Interactive maps can link to other resources on the web

An interactive map can link to anything that has a URL. You can put hyperlinks in the text of your hotspot content or you can link to the resource when a marker is clicked. The sample below demonstrates both ways of linking for a variety of resources.

See how linking from an interactive map works

Click one of the markers in the sample at left, or click a hyperlink in the text below the map.

Link from hotspot text

MapsAlive includes a WYSIWYG text editor (what you see is what you get) that makes it easy for you to add hyperlinks to your text. Just highlight the text, click the Hyperlink button, and type a URL. When linking to a resource like a web page that displays in a browser window, you can choose to have it open in a new browser window or replace the window containing your interative map.

Link by clicking a marker

You can use any marker on your interactive map as a button that links to a web page, document, or other resource when you click it. To make this work, you go to the Hotspot Actions screen and specify the URL you want to link to when the marker is clicked. You check a box to indicate if the resource should open in a new browser window. It's that easy.
Mini FAQ
How do I add a hyperlink to my hotspot text?
How do I link to a web page when I click a marker?
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