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Create Interactive Map Solutions with MapsAlive

Interactive maps can display data from your server in real time

The MapsAlive Live Data feature lets an interactive map display up-to-the-minute, real time information from your server.

See Live Data in action

Move your mouse over the five icons in the sample at left. Each icon's hotspot requests data from a different source.

How Live Data works

When a visitor on your web site moves their mouse over a hotspot on your interactive map, MapsAlive calls your server and displays the data it returns. The data can come from files, web services, your database†, or an RSS feed†. If your server can serve it, your map can display it.

Benefits of Live Data

  • Lets you show the latest information without having to edit and re-publish your map.
  • Your interactive map content changes automatically whenever you update data on your server.
  • Your data reside in just one place — your server.

Learn more: MapsAlive User Guide for Live Data.

To obtain data from a database or an RSS feed, you have Live Data call your server to query your database or read an RSS feed.

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