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Create Interactive Map Solutions with MapsAlive

Get more out your interactive map with macros

MapsAlive supports several macros that let you insert images, links, and other objects into the Text area of your hotspot content. The purpose of the macros is to make it easy to create richer text content without having to know HTML.
Screen shot of an interactive map embedded in another interactive map using the tour-macro Here are the macros and what you can do with them:
  • image-macro – lets you display multiple images for one hotspot
  • linkto-macro – lets you include a hyperlink to another map, gallery, or data sheet in the tour
  • flash-macro – lets you embed any kind of Flash media
  • iframe-macro – lets you embed a web page within a hotspot's content
  • tour-macro – lets you embed a tour within a hotspot's content

— The screen shot on the left shows an interactive map on the top and a second interactive tour below that was embedded with the tour-macro.
Mini FAQ
How do I use the image-macro?
How do I use the iframe-macro to embed a web page?
How do I use the flash-macro to add video to a hotspot?
How do I use the tour-macro to display another tour?
How do I link to another map in my tour from a hotspot?
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