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Create Interactive Map Solutions with MapsAlive

Add pan and zoom controls to display large interactive maps in more detail

With MapZoom you can display larger and more detailed interactive maps in the same space as smaller maps. Pan and zoom controls let you zoom in and out and drag the map in any direction to bring map details into view. This means you can show more information in less space and without having to reduce the map size which could make it unreadable.
MapZoom is perfect for large geographic maps, complex floor plans and , or any map image that is too large to view within your web page. The full size of the map in the tour at left is 1112 x 1552 pixels, but it fits in a space of only 254 x 354 pixels.

Zoom and Pan Controls

Add zoom and pan controls to large interactive maps
Display clickable Zoom and Pan controls to let viewers control the zoom level. Use the controls or click and drag to pan the map. On touch devices like iPad, use the pinch gesture to zoom or drag your finger to pan.

Try zooming and panning the interactive map on the left.

Map Inset

Map inset lets you view any area of your map
A map inset is a smaller scaled version of your map image with a navigation rectangle that shows the area of the map that is currently visible. You can drag the navigation rectangle to view a different area of the map (desktop browsers only). You can position the inset in other corners or turn it off altogether.

Customize pan and zoom control colors

Set the normal and highlight color of the controls to match your map and web page colors or to make them more visible. Choose the color of the inset rectangle.

Selecting Map Locations

You can select locations by name from the interactive map directory and the map automatically moves that location into view. This is useful for maps where you know the name of an attraction, but you don't know where it is.

You can also control how many times the marker blinks when its corresponding location is selected from the directory. A blinking marker makes it easier for a viewer to find their selection on the map.

Marker Zoom Options

A unique feature of MapsAlive lets you make markers visible or invisible based on how far the map is zoomed in or out. This useful for keeping your map from getting too cluttered when the map is zoomed all the way out. You can also control whether markers scale or stay the same size as the map zooms, and you can create markers that always stay visible when you pan and zoom the map.
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