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Customize the appearance of shape markers on interactive maps with marker styles

A marker style defines the appearance of the shape portion of a marker. Think of a marker style like a style in a Microsoft Word document. In Word, a style can be applied to a paragraph to set the font, text color, and many other attributes. You can apply the style to many paragraphs, and if you change the style, the appearance of all the paragraphs that have that style change automatically. Without styles you would have to set text attributes on every paragraph that needed them, and then set them all again when you wanted to make a change.
Example — Move your mouse over the states on the map above. The western states use marker styles that come with MapsAlive. The mountain state use custom marker styles. When you mouse over a state, a tooltip will tell you about its marker's style.
A shape’s appearance has these elements:
  • Fill Color
  • Fill Color Opacity
  • Line Thickness
  • Line Color
  • Line Color Opacity
  • Effects (shadow, glow, and blend)

How marker styles work in MapsAlive

You use marker styles pretty much the same way as you do in Microsoft Word. Suppose you have an interactive map of the United States with 50 markers, one for each state. When you first import the states, you choose a default marker style, for example, one that makes the states blue. If you then want to make all the states red, you can just edit the marker style to change its fill color from blue to red. Or, maybe you want to leave the democrat states blue and make the republican states red. To do that, you can select just the republican states and give them a different marker marker style that has a red fill color.

You can use the marker styles that come with MapsAlive, and you can create your own.

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