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Control the size and visibility of markers on zoomable interactive maps

Markers Zoom

You can control whether markers scale when you zoom in and out of an interactive map. Markers that zoom get larger as the map zooms in and get smaller as the map zooms out. Markers that don't zoom stay the same size as the map zooms. The star markers on the map below demonstrate this feature — the star on the left zooms with the map and the star on the right does not zoom.

Zoom Visibility Threshold

This feature lets you make a marker visible or invisible based on how far the map is zoomed in or out. It is useful for keeping your map from getting too cluttered with markers when your map is zoomed all the way out. For example, on a downtown map you might want restaurant markers to only become visible once the map is zoomed in to the street or neighborhood level. On the map below the text markers at the bottom become visible as you zoom in and invisible as you zoom out.

Is Not Anchored to Map

You can create markers that always appear in a fixed location on your map regardless of how you pan or zoom the map. A marker that is not anchored to the map always appears in the same relative location as you pan and zoom. This feature is useful when you want the user to always see a photo marker or be able to click a text marker. The only marker that is anchored on the map above is the dark blue dot on the left — the rest are not anchored to the map.
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