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Create Interactive Map Solutions with MapsAlive

Interactive Maps and Floor Plans for iPad, iPhone, Android*, PCs, and Macs

Interactive maps and floor plans for iPad and iPhone
Does your web site work on mobile devices? It should because Apple sold more than 40 million iPads in 2011 alone, and 3 million third generation iPads were sold in the first weekend! If your interactive maps and floor plans don't work on these units, millions of people won't be able to see what you have to offer.
Our maps work great great on the original iPad, iPad 2, the new iPad, and the iPhone!
Our maps work on all iPads and iPhones. For the very best performance we strongly recommend that you upgrade to iOS 5. Apple made Safari better and faster so that map zooming and panning is faster and smoother with iOS 5. Our maps also work on Android* devices.
Automatically works on PCs, Macs, and mobile devices without Flash
The floor plans and maps that you make interactive with MapsAlive automatically detect what device they are on and display using the right technology. There's no need to create different maps for mobile devices. For deskstop browsers it's Flash and for mobile devices it's HTML5. Other products only support Flash, but Flash doesn't work on iPad or iPhone.

Compared to Other Solutions, MapsAlive is the:

Most Powerful
  • Makes any image interactive.
  • Lets you choose your own colors, layouts, and symbols.
  • Has a friendly user interface, but also supports advanced features like data import and a JavaScript API.
  • Can display information from your own database in real-time.
  • Has more features than any other interactive map product.
Most Flexible
  • Both novices and professional web developers can use MapsAlive.
  • Maps can display text, images, video, hyperlinks, and can integrate with other technologies like Google Maps.
  • Your interactive maps can be hosted on our server or yours and even be used without an internet connection.
  • Maps integrate seamlessly with your site or act as standalone web pages.
Most Affordable
  • With MapsAlive you don't need to hire an expensive web developer.
  • Easy to use content management features mean you don't have to pay anyone to maintain your data.
  • Web hosting of your interactive maps is included in the price.
  • Plans start at just $29/year.
  • All plans include over 300 free maps of the world, USA, and states.

Only MapsAlive Can Do All This on Mobile Devices
Show more detail on large maps with zoom and pan
Display video and other media when you touch hotspots on the map
Include hyperlinks in text or add touch actions to markers
Automatically run a slide show of hotspot content when the map loads
Show paths between hotspots on your map
Add a customizable and searchable directory of hotspots
Create and assign categories and group hotspots by category in the directory
Play mp3 audio files
Create your own markers with built-in symbols or upload your own
Use circles, rectangles, or polygons to mark areas on your map
Create text labels, clickable menu items or buttons to use on your map
Make photo markers using images from your tour
Quickly create an interactive gallery of photos, drawings, or artwork
Choose colors to match your web page
Include contact info, specifications, and other data on pages with no maps
Add a banner image or other options to personalize your tour
Seamlessly display interactive maps in your web pages
Use free ready-to-use US, state, and world maps with corresponding shapes
Preview your tour anytime and publish to a URL on mapsalive.com
Copy the exact HTML you need to integrate maps with web pages
Dynamically control marker appearance, play audio, draw routes
Execute Javascript when hotspots are touched
Easily add HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to enhance your tour
And more. View the complete list of features.
MapsAlive supports HTML5 and Flash
Why HTML5 is so important
Before mobile devices became so popular, most web sites displayed interactive maps and floor plans using a proprietary technology from Adobe called Flash. That is, until Apple decided not to allow Flash on the iPad, a tablet that has been a phenomenal success. Enter HTML5, a non-proprietary web standard (well almost) that is supported by Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and IE9. HTML5 works great on the iPad, but it doesn't work on IE 6, 7, or 8 which together had more than 46% of market share as of March 2011. What this all means is that if you want the millions of iPad and iPhone users to be able to view your interactive maps and you want your maps to work on legacy desktop browsers, you need a technology that supports both Flash and HTML5. You need MapsAlive for the Mobile Internet.
*Interactive maps you create with MapsAlive work on Android devices, but not all combinations of Android hardware, OS versions, and browsers support all features. Use our 30 day free trial to make sure that the features you want work on the devices you need to support.
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