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Create Interactive Map Solutions with MapsAlive

Help viewers find locations on your interactive map and navigate to other maps in your tour

Navigate to interactive maps and hotspots


  • Click to go to other interactive maps in your tour.
  • Choose a top menu or a left menu.
  • Top menus work well for tours with a small number of maps and data sheets.
  • Left menus work well for tours with many maps and data sheets.
  • MapsAlive automatically adds a top menu when you add a second map.
  • Select from 3 built-in menu styles.

Directory (Plus and Pro Plans)

  • Find a map location by name.
  • When you click an entry in the directory MapsAlive positions the map, displays its content and blinks its marker.
  • Group entries by category or map.
  • Customize the directory size, colors, and location.
  • A search box lets viewers search for text strings.
  • The directory is useful for tours with many hotspots.

Hotspot List in the left menu

  • With a left menu, you can display hotspot titles for each map.
  • Click on a hotspot to see its content.

Hotspots on the map

  • Click hotspots on the map to navigate to other maps in your tour.
  • Click hotspots to navigate to other web sites.
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How do I choose a different menu style?
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