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Create Interactive Map Solutions with MapsAlive

Photo markers are clickable images created automatically from full-size hotspot images

A photo marker is a hotspot that looks like the image it represents. The interactive map sample on this page shows off the photo markers that come with MapsAlive, but you can create your own to get whatever size and appearance you like. If one of these is close, but not quite right, you can change it or you can duplicate it and tweak it to perfection.

Clickable Photo Markers Are Special

Like all markers, a photo marker is associated with a hotspot. What makes a photo marker special is that it displays a thumbnail image of whatever photo belongs to the hotspot. When you mouse over the marker, the hotspot’s larger photo appears. If you upload a new photo for the hotspot, the photo marker's image changes automatically.

Not Your Ordinary Thumbnail Image

MapsAlive comes with the ready-to-use photo markers shown at left, but it's more fun to create your own. By choosing different combinations of photo marker and marker style options, you can create all kinds of different looks and behaviors. Here are some of the options you can set:
  • Border thickness, color, and opacity
  • Matte thickness, color, and opacity
  • Shadow and glow effects
  • Rectangle dimensions
  • Image alignment within the marker rectangle
  • Cropping alignment and enlargement
  • Image opacity
  • Effects: B&W, Sepia, Color Negative, B&W Negative
  • Text caption above or below image

Use Photo Markers On Interactive Maps and Interactive Galleries

You can use a photo marker like any other kind of marker. They are the obvious choice for a gallery, but you can also use them on a map. For example, suppose you have an org chart showing the employees in your company. You could create a photo marker named Employee and use it for the boxes in the chart. When a personnel change occurs, you can upload a photo for a new employee and the thumbnail for their box in the chart will update automatically.

Perfect for Artists and Photographers

Use photo markers along with the MapsAlive gallery feature to create an interactive display of your artwork. Uploading new images and entering text is easy and you can make changes from anywhere that you have a browser and internet access. You don't even need your own web site since we host the gallery for you right here at mapsalive.com.
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