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Create Interactive Map Solutions with MapsAlive

An interactive map can display a photo and text when the mouse moves over a hotspot

You can show just about anything you want when you mouse over a hotspot on your interactive map. Photos and text are two of the more common things to display.
Example — Move your mouse over the boxes to see photos and/or text for each job in the chart.

Photo Only

The President box on the clickable map on the left displays only a photo. MapsAlive automatically adjusts the size of the popup so that there is no extra white space around the image.

Text Only

The Western Regional Manager box displays only text. The Tour Builder includes a powerful text editor that lets you format text and also enter HTML directly.

Photo and Text

The Eastern Regional Manager box displays a photo and text. In this example the layout of the popup is photo over text, but you can have the text on top, or have the photo and text side-by-side.
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