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Display interactive map content in popups or next to the map (tiled layout)

The photo, text, and video content associated with a hotspot is displayed when you mouse over the hotspot. You decide if you want your content to pop up on top of the map or appear in a tiled layout alongside the map.

Popups work well when you have a large or detailed map, or when you want to display large photos without using up space on your web page. Tiled layouts work well for standalone tours and when you have enough space on your web page to display both the map and your content side by side at the same time.
Example 1This map uses a tiled layout that displays content below the map.
Example 2This map displays content in popups.
Mini FAQ
How do I switch to popups?
How do I switch to a tiled layout?
How do I change my popup margins and spacing?
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