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Replace multiple markers or marker styles on interactive maps

You can replace all or some of the markers or marker styles on an interactive map or floor plan in one operation instead of one at a time. This feature makes it fast and easy to experiment and get your map looking just the way you want it.
Replace markers and marker styles on interactive maps For example, on a map of the United States, you could change the marker style for all the western states to be one color, mountain states asecond color, central states a third color, and eastern states a fourthcolor.

Another example would be a map where you have used a pushpin symbol for all your markers. Later you decide that you wished you had used a star instead. With a few clicks you can select all the markers on the map, choose the star marker, and make the replacement in seconds.

An example of replacing marker styles is shown in the screen shot on the left.
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How do I replace multiple markers at once?
How do I replace multiple marker styles at once?
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