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Create Interactive Map Solutions with MapsAlive

Highlight clickable areas like rooms, states, or regions on your maps

Shape markers are circles, rectangles or polygons that mark an area on your interactive map like a country on a geographic map or a district on a city map. You can highlight states, counties, rooms on a floor plan, or areas on a diagram with your own custom shape markers. You can even define a line or a hybrid shape which is a shape that is made up of separate parts such as the islands of Hawaii.
Shape Marker Demo — Move your mouse over the yellow ovals. Some of these shape markers consist of more than one area that highlight together as one marker.

Circle and rectangle shapes

You can create circle and rectangle shape markers of any size right in MapsAlive. Circles and rectangles can highlight existing areas of your interactive map such as numbered circles or the boxes on an org chart. You can also create colored dots or squares of any size using shape markers.

Polygon, line, and hybrid shapes

Polygons, lines and hybrid shapes are created outside of MapsAlive using a program (such as Adobe Illustrator, Dreamweaver or Mapedit) that lets you draw or trace shapes and save them as HTML image maps. MapsAlive can import HTML image maps and automatically create polygon shape markers and place them on your map. See the Related Links for more information on importing marker shapes.
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