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Display hotspot photos as a slide show on your interactive maps

Slide Show Demo — Move your mouse over the yellow dots to see a photo of that part of the trail.
You can automatically run a slide show displaying the content for each hotspot on your maps. Using a slide show is a great technique for helping people see right away that your map is interactive.

The slide show stops when you move your mouse over a hotspot on the clickable map. Try it yourself now.
To start the slide show again, refresh this page in your browser.

The MapsAlive Tour Builder makes it easy to specify the order in which the slides are displayed — you simply drag the hotspot names up or down in a list. You can also set the slide show interval in seconds.

The sample at left uses a tiled layout and a tooltip, but the slide show feature also works with popups.
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How do I display my hotspot content as a slide show?
How do I change the order of hotspots in a slide show?
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