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Create Interactive Map Solutions with MapsAlive

Creating your first interactive map is easy with step-by-step instructions

A new program always take some getting used to, but we try to make the MapsAlive learning curve as flat as possible with step-by-step instructions for new users.

Create interactive maps quickly with step-by-step instructions

I Want To Hold Your Hand

When you create your first interactive map (or your second, or third...) you have the option to get a little hand holding. Step-by-step instructions tell you exactly what to do from the time you start until your interactive map is ready to try. We even provide sample maps and photos in case you are just evaluating MapsAlive and don't a have real project in mind yet.

An Interactive Map in Minutes — Really!

Follow the steps and you'll have a working interactive map in a few minutes and you'll have learned how to upload images, add hotspots to your map, preview your work, and publish.

Need More Help?

The step-by-step instructions will get you started, but they only cover the basics. To get more help, see our comprehensive user guides to learn about about creating interactive maps. And you can always contact support@mapsalive.com for additional assistance.
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