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Create Interactive Map Solutions with MapsAlive

Customize your interactive maps with tooltip styles

By default, MapsAlive shows the hotspot's content when you mouse over it. If you are using popups you can also have your interactive map display a tooltip when the mouse moves over a hotspot and hide the tooltip when the mouse moves off the hotspot.
Not Your Ordinary Tooltips — Mouse over the state capitals on the map of New England. Notice how the tooltips jump out at you. The tooltips on this map are bold, italic blue text with a gold border and a light yellow background.

Choose From a Variety of Built-in Tooltip Styles

MapsAlive comes with a number of tooltip styles that can make your interactive maps really stand out. Here are just a few examples of tooltip styles :

Choose tooltip styles for interactive maps

Design Your Own Tooltips

You can define your own tooltip styles that you can use with your interactive maps. The tooltip editor lets you choose:
  • Text color
  • Text font
  • Border color
  • Border thickness
  • Background color or transparent
  • Padding between text and border
  • Maximum width before text wraps
Mini FAQ
How do I add a tooltip to a hotspot?
How do I choose a new tooltip style for my map?
How do I create a new tooltip style?
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