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Create Interactive Map Solutions with MapsAlive

Edit and preview your interactive map until it's just right — then publish in seconds

Preview and Publish Interactive MapsMapsAlive has a unique feature called Tour Preview. Tour Preview lets you see and try using your interactive map exactly as it will be when published. You can preview your tour from anywhere in the Tour Builder with just one click and go back to editing with another click. There's no faster or easier way to create and fine-tune an interactive map.

Publish to the Internet in Seconds

When you are ready for other people to see your work, click once more to publish — your interactive map is on the internet in seconds. Whenever you want to make changes, just go back to the Tour Builder, edit, preview, and publish again.

When you publish an interactive map for the first time, MapsAlive gives it a unique URL and shows it to you as a link. Click the link to run the published version of your interactive map without even leaving Tour Preview.

Quick, Easy, and Fun!

With Tour Preview, creating interactive maps is not only fast and easy, it's fun. You can make and try changes so quickly that you'll find yourself experimenting to discover new ways to make your interactive maps better and better. Just don't tell anyone how easy it was — let them think you spent days doing what MapsAlive did for you in minutes.
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Will my tour have its own web address (URL)?
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How do I publish my tour to the internet?
How do I find the URL for my tour?
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