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Create Interactive Map Solutions with MapsAlive

Add video to your interactive maps and floor plans!

Display video or other media content when you mouse over markers on your map.
See How it Works — This interactive map displays video and other kinds of media when you mouse over the yellow squares.


You can add video and other media to your maps by using the HTML embed code for the video. Many video hosting sites, such as YouTube, display the code you need.

Important: Your video must be hosted on a server such as YouTube or your own server. MapsAlive does not support uploading videos.

Flash and Other Media

You can display other HTML content such as:
  • Web pages
  • Flash animations
  • Java applets
  • MapsAlive tours

Google Maps

Add a live Google map to your tour! You can zoom in and out and drag the Google map from within your tour.

To learn how to add video to your tour, see the Tours FAQ.
Mini FAQ
What kinds of content can I display in my MapsAlive tours?
How do I display a video for a hotspot?
How do I embed a Google map in a hotspot's content?
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