Interactive Floor Plan in HTML5 for iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch)

by George Soules 23. February 2011 10:56

Many of you have been asking when your interactive maps and floor plans will work on iPad and iPhone. We've been working hard to make MapsAlive use HTML5 as an alternative to Flash on these devices and today we are sharing our first sample. Update: Support for iPad, iPhone and other mobile devices has been officially released. To learn more visit:

View this blog post on your iOS device and then touch the camera markers to see it work. If you view it with a PC or Mac browser, it will render in HTML5 if the browser supports it (Safari, Firefox, IE9, Chrome, Opera), or in Flash if it does not (IE7, IE8).

Touch a camera (or move your mouse over it)

Beta Testers Wanted
As we make more progress and create new samples, we'll share them with you here on the Interactive Maps Blog. We are also looking for beta testers, so if you want to be the first one on your block to try out the new HTML5 version of MapsAlive, please let us know by sending email to

Thanks for your patience and stay tuned for more!

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2/23/2011 4:52:54 PM #

One user discovered that the map did not work on iPad version 3.2.1. He upgraded to version 4.2.1 and now it works okay. Here in the blog the map appears inside an iFrame and apparently version 3 had some iFrame bugs. You can run the map outside of the blog at this location:

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