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Create Interactive Map Solutions with MapsAlive

Make Any Diagram Interactive With MapsAlive

Engage viewers as they mouse over hotspots on your interactive diagrams — ordinary diagrams become more interesting and informative. See more interactive diagram samples.
1. Use any image for a diagram
MapsAlive can make any image interactive. You can use schematics, hand-drawn sketches, 3D renderings, exploded views, photographs, timelines, charts, graphs, and more.
2. Show detail that won't fit in the diagram
Add photographs and descriptive text to explain details of each part of your diagram. Viewers explore diagrams interactively by mousing over hotspots on your image or clicking to drill down to more detailed diagrams or to view other web sites. Use the MapZoom feature to display large and complex diagrams.Add as many hotspots as you want.
3. Link to other diagrams or web pages
MapsAlive makes it easy to connect diagrams by letting the viewer click to drill down from one diagram into another. Let viewers click to add parts to your shopping cart or see more details.
4. Make your web site more fun
Interactive diagrams let viewers learn in a more natural way and explore all the information without leaving or scrolling the page. You can even embed interactive diagrams into your own web pages.

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