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Create Interactive Map Solutions with MapsAlive

Add Interactive Geographic Maps to Your Web Site

Interactive Trail Map
(Mouse over the markers to stop the slide show)
MapsAlive is ideal for making geographic maps interactive. See interactive geographic map samples.

1. Make your maps stand out
Maps are more interesting and informative when they display text or images as the viewer mouses over them. Add interactive maps to your web pages and engage viewers as they explore practically any place on Earth!
2. Display detail that won't fit in on the map
With MapsAlive you can display additional detail as the viewer moves their mouse over hotspots on your map. No need to click away from your map to learn more about areas of interest. And you can add as many hotspots as you like.
3. Connect to other maps
MapsAlive makes it easy to connect maps by letting the viewer click to drill down from one map to another or to other web pages.
4. Use any image as a map
You can use city maps, country maps, geographic maps, topographic maps, your own stylized maps, Google maps, hand-drawn sketches, stylized drawings, aerial photographs, or satellite images. MapsAlive can make any map interactive.
5. Affordable and easy to update
MapsAlive is an inexpensive way to add interactive geographic maps to your web site. You can update your maps anytime so they will always be current.
6. Explore the MapsAlive Ready Maps collection
Create interactive world maps with clickable countries. Make an interactive United States map and display photos, text or video for each state. The maps of the world, world continents, US maps, US regions, Canada, and state maps with county outlines.

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