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Create Interactive Map Solutions with MapsAlive

Create Interactive Locator Maps To Help People Find You

Interactive Locator Map
(Mouse over the markers to stop the slide show)
Your locator maps come alive when you make them interactive. Viewers can mouse over hotspot locations on your map to view details or click to drill down to other web pages or maps. See interactive locator map samples.
1. Help customers locate you easily
Use interactive locator maps to show store locations, branch offices and sales territories. Display photographs, contact information and directions when viewers mouse over hotspots on your map. Add as many hotspots as you want.
2. Perfect for all kinds of locator maps
With MapsAlive you can create locator maps to highlight businesses, attractions, museums, recreational facilities, and more. Create interactive campus maps or interactive mall maps. Your maps can display information about each location including photos, text, and video. Viewers can click to visit other pages and web sites.
3. Enhance your web pages with locator maps
You can embed your interactive locator maps right into your existing web pages or choose to display them as stand-alone web sites. Either way is easy — MapsAlive provides the HTML code for whichever method you choose. And you can update your maps anytime so they are always current.

Business and Retail
Highlight company locations
Show local, regional, national or international company locations. Map distributor and service provider locations, franchises, or other facilities to assist in planning and maintenance activities.
Make shopping easy
Use MapsAlive to map shopping malls or downtown retail districts, making it easy for shoppers to find the stores they want. You can create maps that let customers click to visit a store’s web site to make purchases on-line.
Schools and Colleges
Attract prospective students
Let prospective students tour your school on-line. An interactive campus map will attract students who might otherwise not even visit. See a sample interactive campus map.
Inexpensive marketing tool
Market your athletic facilities, science labs, art studios, classrooms, dormitories and theaters to targeted students by creating maps with professional photos and informative text.
Make your campus accessible on-line
Create detailed maps of the grounds and building interiors so students, staff and visitors can find their way easily, just by going on-line.
City, State and Local Municipalities
Attract new residents and visitors
Attract new residents by mapping your community. Show businesses, schools, libraries, playgrounds, historical sites and other points of interest to prospective residents. Maps of local, state and federal parks along with recreational facilities can be great marketing tools to bring visitors and their business to your area.
Make government “accessible”
Map government campuses and the interior of government buildings, making it easy for people to do government business.
Highlight attractions, attract guests
Attract more guests by highlighting the beauty and attractions of your resort with a MapsAlive interactive locator map.
Prospective guests can tour your golf courses, tennis courts, ski slopes, pools, restaurants, health clubs and lodgings before they book their trip.
Convenience for guests
Guests can “see before they go” so they can take advantage of all that your resort has to offer.
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