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Create Interactive Map Solutions with MapsAlive

Create Interactive World Maps, Continents, US Maps and State Maps with Counties in Minutes

Ready Maps are ready-to-use maps that let you quickly create interactive maps and add your own hotspot content. Ready Maps
are FREE with all MapsAlive plans. Choose from over 300 world maps, continents, United States maps, Canada, US regional maps, and county maps for all 50 states.
  • Customize the look of your map
  • Display text, photos, and video on mouseover
  • Hotspot shapes like states & counties are included
  • Maps can be used at any size
  • Hotspots can link to maps or web pages
This map displays data imported from a spreadsheet when you mouse over the states.
This map lets you click a state to drill down from the regional map to state maps showing counties.
Here are some of the maps available:
Interactive world maps Interactive maps of world continentsInteractive map of Canada Interactive maps of the United States Regions of the US US state maps with county outlines
Read the Ready Maps User Guide to learn how to:
  • Select a Ready Map and shapes
  • Define the appearance of your hotspots
  • Add content to your Ready Map
  • Link to web pages from a hotspot
Expand the tree below to see all the available Ready Maps
  • Ready Maps Navigator
    • United States
    • Canada
    • World
Mini FAQ
How do I choose a Ready Map?
How do I get shape markers for a Ready Map?
How can I make my Ready Map more colorful?
Some of the Free Maps Included:
  • United States maps
  • US Region maps
  • Canada maps
  • World maps
  • Africa maps
  • Asia maps
  • Australia maps
  • Europe maps
  • North America maps
  • South America maps
  • Alabama maps
  • Alaska maps
  • Arizona maps
  • Arkansas maps
  • California maps
  • Colorado maps
  • Connecticut maps
  • Delaware maps
  • Florida maps
  • Georgia maps
  • Hawaii maps
  • Idaho maps
  • Illinois maps
  • Indiana maps
  • Iowa maps
  • Kansas maps
  • Kentucky maps
  • Louisiana maps
  • Maine maps
  • Maryland maps
  • Massachusetts maps
  • Michigan maps
  • Minnesota maps
  • Mississippi maps
  • Missouri maps
  • Montana maps
  • Nebraska maps
  • Nevada maps
  • New Hampshire maps
  • New Jersey maps
  • New Mexico maps
  • New York maps
  • North Carolina maps
  • North Dakota maps
  • Ohio maps
  • Oklahoma maps
  • Oregon maps
  • Pennsylvania maps
  • Rhode Island maps
  • South Carolina maps
  • South Dakota maps
  • Tennessee maps
  • Texas maps
  • Utah maps
  • Vermont maps
  • Virginia maps
  • Washington maps
  • West Virginia maps
  • Wisconsin maps
  • Wyoming maps
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