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Create Interactive Map Solutions with MapsAlive

Use interactive floor plans to make real estate listings stand out

Interactive Floor Plan Tour
Create interactive floor plans for any kind of real estate — homes, condos, and vacation rentals. MapsAlive interactive floor plans actively engage viewers, allowing them to see how rooms relate to one another.

1. Give viewers a real sense of place
MapsAlive interactive floor plans are the next best thing to being there. Combine floor plans with photos and text to give viewers a sense of place and perspective. Buyers can explore interiors, landscapes, and neighborhoods as they mouse around.
2. Make your property stand out
MapsAlive interactive floor plans are in a class by themselves. They set your listings apart from ordinary listings that only show photos and slide shows.
3. Better than 360º virtual tours
Buyers can view a property in a more natural way with MapsAlive tours than with conventional 360º virtual tours. No waiting for tours to load and no spinning around a room!
4. Control what buyers see
Highlight favorable property features and downplay others. Show off special amenities, built-in cabinets, appliances and other details in addition to rooms, landscapes and neighborhood features.

Real Estate Professionals
Attract buyers and sellers
MapsAlive gives you a marketing advantage over your competitors by improving the effectiveness of your web site. Your property stands out, attracting more buyers and sellers.
Keep buyers on your site
Listings with interactive floor plans keep buyers engaged and focused on your listings and not someone else's. Embed interactive floor plans into your company’s existing web site listings.
Save money on web development
Anyone in your office — from administrative assistant to high school intern — can create MapsAlive interactive floor plans. Spend the money you save on web design, development, and virtual tours on professional photography and content instead.
Get serious inquiries
Buyers will have all the information they need about your property. Well informed buyers produce serious inquiries.
Vacation Rentals
MapsAlive is perfect for vacation rentals because your floor plan tour is always available on-line for vacationers to see. Friends can share the URL and recommend your rental property. Vacation property renters want to see the layout and photos to make sure they’ve made the right choice.
For-Sale-By-Owner (FSBO) Sellers
Your own web site
Use your MapsAlive interactive floor plan as a mini webs ite with its own URL. Send the URL to interested parties making it convenient for them to view your property.
Save money on advertising
Publish your floor plan URL in a classified ad and make your ad work for you. With MapsAlive, buyers view detailed listings online, reducing the amount of text needed in print advertising.
Landlords and Property Managers
Increase occupancy rates
The quality of a MapsAlive interactive floor plan is significantly better than the usual snapshots and slideshows making properties much easier to rent.
Make classified ads work for you
Use your floor plan URL in your classified ads. Your floor plan, photos and descriptions will “show” your rental in a way that classified ads never could. Create an interactive floor plan for a rental once and use it each time the property comes up for rent
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