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Create Interactive Map Solutions with MapsAlive

Make your Travel Maps Interactive

Interactive Travel Tour
MapsAlive is perfect for creating interactive travel maps to market tour packages and tourist destinations, or to create online travel journals and photo tours. MapsAlive is a great tool for travel tour companies, tourism web sites and travelers alike. View interactive travel and tourism maps.

1. Give viewers a sense of being there
Connect geographical locations to actual photos and descriptions of tour destinations. Show destinations in context, giving viewers a real sense of place and perspective. It's truly the next best thing to being there.

2. Easily explore related web sites
Viewers can click links on your interactive maps to open other web pages and get in-depth detail about attractions and points of interest such as museums and hotels.

3. Show an entire trip on one web page!
MapsAlive's unique ability to show dozens or even hundreds of photos on the same page means that people don't have to click and press the back button over and over to see your content &mdash a much more pleasant experience for the viewer! Viewers can also click to drill down to other maps or web pages.

4. Let travelers see before they go
With MapsAlive you can create interactive maps for bicycle and hiking trips, travel itineraries, tourist attractions, resorts, golf courses, cruise ships and more.

Travel Tour Professionals
Gain a competitive advantage
Be the first to provide innovative interactive travel maps that entice travelers and display lots of information efficiently. View a sample interactive map.
Travelers can sample your tours online
You choose the features you want to highlight on your interactive maps. Customers “know before they go” so they can make informed decisions about which of your tours to take.
Keep visitors on your site longer
Entice prospective travelers by adding maps featuring photos, descriptions of destinations, points of interest, and accommodations to your own web site. Engage viewers with interactive maps and keep them on your site longer.
Save money on web development
Anyone in your office — from administrative assistant to high school intern — can create a MapsAlive interactive map. The money you save on web design and development can be spent on professional photography and content instead.
Better than slideshows and snapshots
Share your travel adventures and vacations using MapsAlive interactive maps. They're in a class far above sharing photos using traditional slideshows and snapshots.
Easy to use
MapsAlive is very easy to use. If you can create a traditional on-line slideshow, you can create a MapsAlive tour.
Your own travelogue web site
User your interactive map as your very own mini web site with its own URL. Just give the URL to friends and family and they can experience your trip in an instant. Or, add your interactive map to your own web pages. 
Show people where you’ve been
Share your photos in a completely new way. Your friends and family can discover where you’ve been with as many maps, pictures and descriptions as you like. Maps show where you have been and what you have discovered. 
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