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Create Interactive Map Solutions with MapsAlive

Increase Revenue by Adding MapsAlive to your Toolkit

Web developers can use MapsAlive to create interactive map solutions that would be too expensive to produce using conventional techniques. Add MapsAlive to your bag of tricks and do in hours what would take days or weeks to program.

Create interactive maps quickly

MapsAlive is a powerful tool for web developers
MapsAlive is a powerful tool for web developers
You can quickly create impressive interactive maps that your clients will love. You can make a good profit while still offering an affordable solution. In many cases, the difference in what you can charge with MapsAlive versus what you would have to charge otherwise is the difference between getting the job or not.

Add value with custom HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

MapsAlive does not require programming, but programmers can use their skills to create even more powerful interactive maps. The Tour Builder makes it easy for you to integrate your own HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with the code that MapsAlive generates automatically. The MapsAlive JavaScript API lets your code talk to the map to create solutions that would be prohibitively expensive to develop using conventional programming.

Win the bid with proof-of-concept demos

With MapsAlive you can quickly create a working demo that your competition can only dream of. Not only can a demo help you get the job, it will help you and your client more quickly determine what they really want before you get too far into development. No other tool lets you do so much in so little time.

MapsAlive is affordable

Most developers can use a MapsAlive Pro Plan for $199/year. The Pro Plan gives you plenty of hotspots (300) and lets you buy more in groups of 100 for just $20. More importantly, the Pro Plan lets you archive interactive maps you create. Think of an archive as a backup that you can file away until you need it again, or give to a client as part of your deliverable. Once a map is archived, you can delete it from your MapsAlive account to reclaim all of the hotspots it was using. If you need to work on that map again, just import the archive.

Content management is built in

Developing an interactive map is one thing, but getting the content in and keeping it up to date is another. With MapsAlive, you – or your client – can provide content via manual data entry, Excel or XML import, or fully automated real time database access (Live Data). It's all there ready for you to use without doing any programming.

Charge for value, not for time

With MapsAlive you can estimate the cost of a project based on the value of what you will deliver, not on how long it takes you to do the work. And you can still charge less than the competition. Use MapsAlive as your secret weapon that makes you more productive than the other guy.

Create interactive maps with MapsAlive

Keep the client coming back for more or let them take over the map

Some companies like to have the client come back for every little thing since that provides a continuous revenue stream. Others prefer to do the heavy lifting and then turn the deliverable over to the client for them to maintain. That way you are not at the beck and call of every client you ever worked for. With MapsAlive you can take either approach. Maintain the maps in your own account, or let the client set up their own MapsAlive account and maintain the map and its content.

MYTH #1: If my client learns about MapsAlive, they'll just do it themselves

While MapsAlive is easy to use, it's not going to replace you. The most difficult part of any web project is the thought and effort required to understand the problem, design a solution, acquire or develop the assets (images, text, etc), and address logistics such as hosting and maintenance. Only after all that work has been done can you use MapsAlive or any other tool to implement the solution. Unless your client can do all those things, and has the time and resources to do them, they'll still need you. And if you offer them a more powerful interactive map solution than they thought they could afford, they'll love you!

MYTH #2: I can write code to do what MapsAlive does

That might be true if your requirements are very simple and you are only targeting one browser, but developing even a modest interactive map that needs to run on all popular browsers will be a costly effort even for the most experienced web developer. MapsAlive incorporates expert knowledge of Flash, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and the idiosyncrasies of all the major browsers, and content management is built in. It literally can do in hours what would require days, weeks, or months of conventional programming.
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