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Hotspots are what make your maps interactive

A hotspot is a location on an interactive map. On a floor plan, a hotspot might be where you were standing when you took a picture of the kitchen. On a map of the world, a hotspot might be the location of an entire country. Usually a hotspot has content, such as images and text, that displays when you move your mouse over the hotspot.

Find these hotspots on the interactive maps below:
  • Buildings on the locator map
  • Legend labels on the locator map
  • Arrows on the floor plan
  • PDF icon on the floor plan
  • Light blue labels below each map
  • States on the geographic map
  • Stars on the geographic map
  • Numbered circles on the light bulb diagram
  • Filament on the light bulb diagram
  • Photos in the gallery
Hotspots vs. Markers
By itself a hotspot has no size or appearance — to make a hotspot visible you assign a marker to it. A marker is a symbol or a shape that has a size and appearance that determine how big the hotspot is and what it looks like.

Every hotspot has one marker, but a marker can be used by many hotspots. For example, the floor plan above has nine hotspots — eight of them use the same arrow marker and one uses a PDF marker.

Markers can have a normal appearance and a selected appearance. The normal appearance is what the marker looks like when the mouse is not over it. The selected appearance is what the marker looks like when the mouse is over it. For example, on the geographic map the state hotspots have shape markers that have a light green normal appearance and a dark green selected appearance. A  marker’s normal or selected appearance can even be invisible — the markers on the buildings on the locator map have an invisible normal appearance and a purple glowing selected appearance.

Hotspots can do more than display content
You can specify what you want to happen when a hotspot is clicked. A hotspot can link to a web page or document, link to another page in your tour, or execute JavaScript when it is clicked. For example, clicking the PDF marker on the floor plan opens a PDF document in a new browser window.
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