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Create Interactive Map Solutions with MapsAlive

A "Tour" is one or more interactive maps that display in a web browser

A tour is one or more interactive maps, plus optional features, that display in a web browser. Optional features include a title bar, banner, menu, and directory that are common to all maps in the tour. Each tour has a unique URL. You use the MapsAlive Tour Builder to create a tour and choose what maps and optional features to include — all this and more with no programming.

The simplest tour is just a single interactive map with no optional features as shown in example 1 below. A three-map tour with several optional features is shown in example 2.
Example 1 (above) — Mouse over the green squares to see photos. This tour has one interactive map and no optional features.
Example 2 (right) — Mouse over the blue arrows to see photos and click the yellow feet to go upstairs. Click the menu to switch between maps and mouse over the directory to locate specific house features.

This house tour has three interactive maps, and a title bar, menu, and directory.
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Will my tour have its own web address (URL)?
How many maps can I have in my tour?
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