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Create Interactive Map Solutions with MapsAlive

An interactive map is an image with hotspots

A map can be any image such as a diagram, floor plan, photo, or road map. A hotspot is a location on the map that responds when the mouse moves over it, off of it, or clicks it.

Example — Move your mouse over the arrows and click the yellow feet.

Here's a simple interactive map

The floor plan at left is interactive. Each blue arrow is a hotspot and so are the little feet going upstairs. When you mouse over an arrow, it turns red and a photo appears below the map. When you mouse over the feet, a tooltip appears. When you click the feet, the map changes to the upstairs floor plan. This is a simple example — there's a lot more you can do.

What can interactive maps do?

An interactive map can:
  • Show photos and text
  • Play video and audio
  • Pan and zoom large maps
  • Display a directory
  • Draw routes
  • Link to other web pages
  • Get data from your server in real time
  • and more

How does a map become interactive?

In the old days you had to be a web programmer to make a map interactive. Now with MapsAlive, everyone can do it. Just upload your maps and photos, drag hotspots onto the map, and publish. MapsAlive automatically creates a tour that is available on the web instantly.

Where are interactive maps hosted?

The interactive maps you create with MapsAlive are automatically hosted by MapsAlive, but you can download them for hosting on your own web server if you like. You can even use them on a laptop without an internet connection.
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