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Create Interactive Map Solutions with MapsAlive

MapsAlive lets you turn any image into an interactive experience

MapsAlive is a map tool that anyone can use

MapsAlive is mapping software that runs in a browser on PCs and Macs. Its friendly user interface lets you upload images, enter text, and specify how you want your interactive map to look and behave. When you click the Publish button, your interactive map becomes available on the web instantly. You don't have to send us anything and there's no waiting. You can sign up right now to get started!

MapsAlive is smart, fast, and affordable

MapsAlive incorporates the knowledge of expert web developers so that you can do in minutes what would take a programmer weeks to accomplish. Don't believe us? Show our samples to your web guy or gal and ask what they would charge to create something similar for you. Also ask how much it will cost when you want to make changes. Making changes with MapsAlive is easy and the price is low. Our premium Pro Plan costs less than a dollar a day and there are even less expensive plans.
Turn any image into an interactive map
How people see your maps — The diagram above shows the three different ways you can share interactive maps with other people.

MapsAlive gives you 3 ways to use interactive maps

Once you have created an interactive map, how do people see it? With MapsAlive you don't even need a web site. There are three ways you can share your maps:

1 – Use an interactive map as a standalone web page
MapsAlive can generate ready-to-use web pages that are hosted here at mapsalive.com. Each tour you create gets its own unique URL and a tour can contain as many maps as you like. It can also have a menu and a directory to let people navigate easily. All you have to do is tell people the URL.

2Link to an interactive map from your web site
If you have a web site, the quickest and easiest way to start sharing your interactive maps is to simply add links from your web pages to your maps. Your visitors just have to click the link to see the map.

3Embed maps into your web pages
For the nicest visitor experience, embed your interactive maps into your own web pages. We provide the exact code that you need so that all you have to do is copy and paste.
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How do I embed an interactive map into a web page?
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